Canon Law Faculty

The Canon Law Faculty (department) seeks to furnish students with the ability, knowledge and instruments required for a future in law, be it administrative, consultative, didactic or judiciary. This goal is met with an academic program spelled out in three cycles that lead to academic degrees (license and doctorate) in canon law.


Philosophy Faculty

The Philosophy Faculty (department) focuses its work on the academic study of humanity, the world, and God in light of “Christian philosophy” with particular attention given to the tradition of the Franciscan School. Course offerings by the department are rendered in cycles of study at the Bachelor’s, Licentiate and Doctoral levels in philosophy and the Master’s in artistic mediation in relationship to care.


Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archeology

The Faculty (department) of Biblical Sciences and Archeology is located in Jerusalem and is committed to the study of Biblical Archeology. It’s academic programs provide for a Bachelor’s in Theology as well as a Licentiate and Doctorate in Biblical Sciences and Archeology. The Faculty’s academic program also provides coursework for a Graduate Diploma in Biblical-Eastern Sciences and a Diploma in Biblical Formation.


Theology Faculty

The Theology Faculty (department) seeks to deepen the understanding of Catholic doctrine and to promote dialogue with contemporary religions and cultures and it does so inspired by the Franciscan school of thought. The academic offerings of the department are spelled out in programs for three cycles of study leading to a Bachelor's, Licentiate and Doctorate in theology.